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Our students achieve self-direction, responsibility, and respect for others through learning by doing.


Post Oak Montessori students work together and encourage each other to do their best.


Post Oak classrooms are purposefully and appealingly designed, supporting students’ curiosity and creativity.

Curated Environments

Our students are empowered to take on big work to tackle problems for a peaceful world.


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Young Children

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Post Oak Voices

Global Learning

Extending the Classroom

Post Oak students are not limited by the walls of a classroom. They are encouraged to grow their minds and get to know the world around them, from observing nature, discovering their passions outside of books and lectures, and taking on work for a more peaceful society.

Opportunities abound for Post Oak students to explore and learn about the region in which they live. Students in Elementary begin taking short trips, while Middle School and High School students take on service learning and internships in the Museum District and beyond.

Just a plane ride away from the hub of Houston, Post Oak students join programs that take them on historical, cultural, and environmental learning adventures. And our own state of Texas offers paleontological treasures and coastal excursions within a day's drive.

Passports? Check. Our students have the opportunity to travel internationally for field schools, cultural exchanges, Montessori Model United Nations conferences, and enriching experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.

Europe Upper Elementary classes join together for this exciting four-day adventure to Nature’s Classroom Institute (NCI) in New Ulm, TX. Each year students experience new curriculum and activities while also anticipating the fun traditions, games and challenges that make this outdoor school special. 

Asia The highlight of overnight travel in Elementary is the 6th grade trip to Williamsburg. This uniquely developed and operated township serves as an ideal setting to experience and study American history. This week-long excursion is packed with too many events, programs, and meals to mention here.

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Supporting Independence at Home
Division Directors

At Post Oak, we specialize in empowering our students to become independent thinkers and doers from a young age to prepare them for life in college and beyond. Our Montessori educators spend years honing their skills in knowing when students are capable of self-sufficient work or when guidance and support are necessary.

For families learning from home, we understand that finding this balance may be difficult, and to help, we asked our academic directors to provide advice to help as you navigate distance learning.

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Arranging a Montessori Shelf at Home
Elizabeth Villalobos, Young Children’s Community Lead Teacher

At the beginning of the school year, I often find myself staring at an empty shelf in my toddler community classroom wondering where to start. Let us set up a Montessori shelf together!

Keep in mind that an organized shelf helps your child build an internal sense of order and to feel calm. Maria Montessori said, “Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces a real happiness.”

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Alumni Spotlight: Grace Armstrong ’16
Lucia Cerritos, Alumni & Development Specialist

“Take advantage of the opportunities! Don’t be afraid to ‘fail’ and try new things. Post Oak can give you so many amazing opportunities and avenues for personal growth, but you have to take advantage of them. It can be scary to try to branch out, but the Post Oak community (teachers, administration, students, and alumni) are there to support you!”

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