Newest Time for Kids Reporter

by Charlotte Aguilar, Post Oak Grandparent | From the September 2018 issue of The Post

Maria S.For three years in Beth Olitzki’s Lower Elementary class, Maria S. looked forward each week to the new Time For Kids magazine, the discussion of its articles in class, and sharing it with her family at home. She was so passionate about TFK that Mrs. Olitzki suggested she apply for the magazine’s Kid Reporter corps. Now with her world view broadened as a fifth-grader in Errol Pinto’s class and a delegate in the Montessori Model U.N., Maria has been chosen as one of 10 Kid Reporters for the magazine in 2018–19. TFK’s three print editions reach more than 2 million students every week.

Maria took place in a two-part process over the summer, submitting a personal essay and original article about a Houston ISD school for refugee children that earned her one of 20 spots in the finals. Next, she responded to a personal survey, prepared a 3-minute video about “Five Amazing Things About Me,” and researched, conducted interviews and wrote a hero profile, this one about the son of immigrants who recently graduated with honors from Yale, returning to Houston to give back to his community by teaching at a barrio school.

“A team of 10 writers and editors reviewed this year’s entries and took part in the judging process,” Maria’s notification letter from Time read. “Your entry stood out.

“We think your writing is excellent, and the topics you chose to write about were spot-on for TFK.

“It was clear to us that you are a hard worker with lots of energy—and are passionate about discovering the world around you. Above all, we loved getting to know you a little bit better through your video. Your personality really shined through!”

Maria has been assigned a year-long mentor from the Time For Kids staff and has already completed her first assignment, arguing the “no” position on whether plastic straws should be banned.

She can make “pitches” to her editor about stories she would like to cover on topics of national interest and would love to hear ideas from anyone in The Post Oak School community!