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The Post Oak School is an educational leader—both among Houston’s top private schools and among the more than 5,000 Montessori schools across the country. We pride ourselves on an approach that embraces the Montessori method and delivers a program as challenging, stimulating, and inspiring for teenagers as it is for toddlers.

Post Oak's board chair and head of school

Post Oak Board Chair Vean Gregg and Head of School Maura Joyce

Our students are active and engaged learners, using exploration, hands-on experience, collaboration, and creativity as their main academic tools. At Post Oak, education is challenging, relevant, and never passive—we truly challenge the norm. Maura Joyce, Head of School

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Our Mission

The mission of The Post Oak School is to prepare an outstanding Montessori environment that fosters collaboration, cooperation and peace, and to provide experiences that promote curiosity, inquiry and engagement. Designed according to the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual characteristics and needs of the learner, our methods guide and nurture each individual from infancy to adulthood. The school’s approach is grounded in the principles of AMI Montessori education.

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Our Vision

At The Post Oak School, we will boldly strive towards:

  • Empowering our students to exemplify compassion, independence, and a lifelong love of learning.
  • Advancing our school as the preeminent model of innovative education grounded in Montessori principles.

We help shape young people who are “equipped in their whole beings for the adventure of life, accustomed to the free exercise of their own will and judgment, illuminated by imagination and enthusiasm.”

This was how Maria Montessori described her vision, and it’s a vision we share. At Post Oak, we help children understand the world, but not just because the world is infinitely interesting and learning is fun. We help them understand it so they’ll know how to make it a better place. We emphasize reading, math, and science because they open doors into the world. We emphasize independence, self-direction, and choice because they help young people identify which doors they want to walk through. We emphasize collaboration, cooperation and peace because, ultimately, we know that neither we nor our children walk alone.

In a non-sectarian setting, amid surroundings designed to support the principles that have made Montessori one of the most effective education systems in the world, our students develop the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual skills to live the lives they were born to live.

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Our Method

At The Post Oak School we practice the dictum, “Begin with the end in mind.” And so we envision our students as adults who are lifelong learners; people who know deeply what they want and have the inner resources to pursue their goals; leaders who not only want to contribute to the world around them but who have the skills they need to do so in exceptional ways.

At the heart of our vision is not a method, but rather a goal: to help young people construct themselves as complete human beings. At the heart of that goal are some core beliefs that:

  • Learning is active, not passive; that children and adults alike learn best by doing.
  • People learn best when they want to, and not when they’re coerced by external rewards or competition.
  • Peace and cooperation are not just utopian ideals, but an orientation and skill set which must be cultivated from earliest childhood.
  • Ultimately, a worthwhile life has significance to both the individual and to society.

Our method, the path by which we express our beliefs and achieve our goal, is the Montessori method, an educational approach with a long and venerable history. More than that, Montessori is a living idea whose relevance is being borne out by the students who graduate Post Oak annually—self-reliant, intellectually curious, fully equipped for the adventure of life.

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