Cause-Driven Entrepreneurism at Post Oak

Alan Ying, P '20, P '22, P '26

As a Post Oak parent, I fondly remember my three children’s regular craft projects. As I write this, I'm drinking coffee out of one, looking at another containing an assortment of fruit. Yet another hangs in our playroom, with big and little hands informing our youngest when to turn off the Xbox. 

For her freshman J-Term, our oldest took an entrepreneurship seminar, developing products to sell in a marketplace at its conclusion. My daughter made laser-cut and lacquered clocks, assembled with great care. After dozens of hours over several weeks, she triumphantly sold her three clocks at the bazaar.

Shortly afterward, I met entrepreneurs with world-class talent and experience creating brands and products. I remembered my daughter’s and her classmates’ experience, as well as that of my nephews, cousins, friends, business colleagues—people I encountered with product dreams and causes they believed in and insurmountable challenges bringing them to reality. So we started a company.

Four years after Post Oak students sold hand-made goods in a school marketplace, Post Oakers have now joined professional athletes and celebrity artists to create premium products and launch brands on a new platform called Original Nations.

Athleisure wear, sleeping shorts, phone charger charms—together, these teens have earned thousands of dollars for themselves and the charitable causes they believe in.

This started last year when Original Nations offered Post Oak high schoolers a chance to test the platform. Brand creation, product design—all of it was done with the students via several short video calls. Their product “campaigns” sold out, and more entrepreneur-teens joined in the fall.

This second round of student brands and products—pocket knives, jewelry, hoodies, guitars, sunglasses—will be launching on Original Nations in the coming weeks.  

The product and creative talent at Original Nations have worked with Conde Nast, Sony, BMW, Puma, and the world’s biggest celebrities and brands. One thing has been clear to them—Post Oak kids are different. They are mature, motivated, creative, collaborative, have opinions, and learn fast.

Original Nations does the professional work, but it is the temperament and disposition of these young “Originals” that inspire the success of their brands and products.

While still in beta testing, Original Nations is expanding its pool of cause-driven entrepreneurs.  Anyone can be an “Original” and may eventually include influencers, athletes, or celebrities you recognize.

For now, the trailblazers are enthusiastic students from The Post Oak School. They are learning how to create and promote brands, design and sell products, earn money, and pay income taxes(!).

Their success is also raising money to mitigate human trafficking, prevent deforestation of orangutan habitats in Malaysia, assist disabled military veterans, support cancer research, and more.

Maybe you want a high-quality pocket knife, a beautiful pendant necklace, or a premium guitar.  Maybe you have a soft spot for orangutans. Or maybe you want to support cause-driven entrepreneurism here at Post Oak.

Whatever the reason, keep an eye out for our students on Original Nations. Their work will make you proud.  

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