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Mirani Smith, HMI Executive Director
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HMI Graduates 23 AMI Primary Teachers This Summer

The Montessori classroom is a crucible of learning experiences, all of which lend themselves to a number of expressions. An authentic prepared environment sets the stage for lifelong joyful learning by sparking the child’s creative interests through the natural flow and engagement with materials and classmates. The trained adult has the responsibility to create, maintain, and promote a positive learning environment, atmosphere, and community.

The Montessori adult must be focused, grounded, confident, and passionate about having a deeper understanding of the child. The work of the adult is ongoing—spiritually and intellectually. Twenty-three trainees graduated from the Houston Montessori Institute in July and will begin their Montessori path. This group of graduates is apt to cause a powerful change on behalf of the child in different parts of the United States and overseas.

“This training was like a lighthouse lighting my way,” remarked one graduate, as she made this career change from banker to an educator. Words of reflection from yet another who pursued the assistant course in 2018 and completed the 2021 course:

This Montessori “way” called me from everything I knew into a greater understanding of the dignity of every human person, beginning (most importantly so) with the smallest among us. The training was arduous and a tremendous hurdle, but most certainly, my journey of learning is only beginning; I am humbled to be one called to pursue such a beautiful and objective Truth that is truly an ‘aid to life.’

Indeed, guiding the young child as a parent, caregiver, or teacher is a humbling task as one follows the development needs of the young child and maximizes potential in a social and culturally viable community known as the prepared environment.

“This experience has been very thorough. As a parent, this training is great,” stated one Montessori parent.

Another Montessori parent, attorney, and mother of a newborn child said, “I was both impressed and touched with how the HMI administrative team, as well as my colleagues, really supported me during class. I look forward to the next journey but will look back at this training journey as one that defined me and inspired me for my new career working with children.”

The Houston Montessori Institute opened its doors to training in 2013, focusing on providing primary training for ages 2.5 to 6+ years. What has HMI offered these last years? HMI has sponsored infant-parent classes, parent talks, the International Montessori Sports Fundamentals Course, the Elementary Orientation Course, and last spring, a workshop with well-known authors Simone Davies and Junnifa Uzodike, and more.

The Houston Montessori Institute offers in-depth Montessori teacher preparation in affiliation with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). HMI has served the Houston area and beyond with exceptional training programs, and it will continue to do so.  A recent HMI graduate shared these words of acknowledgment: “HMI is a great community and is true to Montessori pedagogy. The training facilities and trainers are all well-established, and you come out of the training ready for authentic application of Montessori.”

HMI has opened registration for the next Primary Orientation Course in October. Stay in touch regarding the admission process for the Primary Diploma Course, the Whole School Management Course, and the Elementary Orientation Course. HMI intends to continue its support of parents and teachers in the Houston community this academic year.

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