Students Celebrate Traditions

Joseph Aken, Elementary Director

At The Post Oak School, we value community and celebration.

We acknowledge the individual, the group, and our whole community. We find benefit in every celebration recognizing the honoree and those in attendance. We find value in the community’s full participation, in the preparation beforehand, being present in the moment, in cleaning, packing up, and putting away—the act of the celebration itself and in the reflection afterward. We experience the joy and growth of ourselves and of one another as we maintain and strengthen community, build skills, and refine our community practices. 

We strive to have each child and each community member’s culture and religion represented across the three planes of development we support: Young Childrens’ Community and Primary (14 months to 6 years of age), Elementary (6 to 12 years of age), and Middle School and High School (12 to 18 years of age).

students and staff gathered on the back field waving at the camera

Our celebrations take different shapes, vary in duration, and are held for reasons specific to those in attendance. At Post Oak, we enjoy small celebrations with fewer than 10 people, community celebrations of 20 or more, and whole school celebrations of approximately 500 people. Our entire Post Oak community of children and faculty comes together two times a year: for the International Day of Peace in September and for the All-School Assembly in May.

There is a benefit in the repetition of these celebratory events, for each time that your child participates they are a distinct person.

A child’s experience at one age is different than their experience at any other age. Their developing abilities and ever-increasing knowledge allow them to plan, experience, and reflect uniquely each year—moving from the concrete and sensorial experience of a two-year-old to the abstract awareness of a 17-year-old. Appropriate and fair leveling of the celebrations, with roles and participatory expectations appropriate to each child’s capabilities and sensitivities, develops independence, autonomy, and awareness.

Your child brings a richness of practice and experience into the room each and every day.

It is our privilege to listen and hear each child’s understanding of the celebrations, practices, and stories that they have experienced at home with you. It is our honor and privilege to accept, welcome, incorporate, and provide space for this richness to exist within our communities. These events contribute to a diverse and vibrant environment. 

As mentioned, the shape and form, duration, intention, and level of involvement in preparing, celebrating, and cleaning up are different based on the age of the individual and their community of peers. Some of the celebrations that add to the richness of your child’s school experiences are listed below. The list grows and changes along with our communities and families. 

Thank you for your contributions to our community. We look forward to another year of celebrating together.

  • Birthdays, to be the honoree and audience 
  • Cultural and religious observances, including Día de los Muertos, Diwali, Easter, Hanukkah, Lunar New Year, Ramadan, and numerous others
  • Earth Day 
  • Grand Friends Day (opportunities to receive honored guests)
  • High School Cookoff and dances
  • International Day of Peace
  • Maria Montessori’s birthday
  • MDC Coffeehouses and QuadFest
  • National history months and holidays, including Black History month, Native American Heritage month, and more
  • Seasons and weather

For more community events, such as Family Fun Day, please visit our events page.

students at the Lunar New Year celebration

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