Why I Always Run for a Personal Record

Why I Always Run for a Personal Record
Sophia L., Class of '25
Post Oak student running a cross country race

The Willow Waterhole meet is my favorite cross-country meet of the season. It has rolling hills and there is always steep competition. Each and every meet I go out and try to run my best, and even if I think I can’t, I run for my PR, trying to reach a personal record. This year, at the Willow Waterhole meet, I was trying to run a 15:10. At the beginning of the race I got out in front, but I heard a second shot of the gun, meaning we had to start the race over again. This didn’t prevent me from doing my best on the second start. And this time there were two competitors elbowing me so I tried even harder to get out in front.

My first mile was great and I pushed through. I was on-pace to break my PR. I was running down the hill, just past the first mile-marker. It was really uneven and rocky so I was trying to assure that I didn’t hurt myself or fall down. About 200 meters after the hill I saw a girl from another team fall down. She got back up and ran a few more feet and she stumbled down again. I ran up to her and asked if she was ok. She said she hurt her ankle. Meanwhile, several of her own teammates ran by and proceeded with their own races. I saw the medic station nearby and I helped her stand up, helping her back to the medic station, away from the finish line. After she received the care she needed, I continued toward the finish line, crossing just over 17:30 with a big smile on my face. I didn’t get a PR, but maybe today I achieved a different type of Personal Record by helping a competitor and by putting the competition aside to help someone in need. Sports at Post Oak have always taught me the deep desire to be competitive, but always to be kind and compassionate to others. Go Bearkats!


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