Celebrating Our Bearkats Athletes

Celebrating Our Bearkats Athletes
Communications Team with Bearkats Coaches

We had a wonderful time at the Bearkats Celebration Banquet this past Tuesday, April 16, celebrating all of the hard work and accomplishments of our student-athletes. This year, we did things a little differently than we have in the past. Instead of Coach Trevino and Coach Kruse handing out the awards, we had the respective coach of each team come up to speak about the recipient and hand out the award. We wanted to share the kind words that our coaches had for all of our athletes.

MVP Awards

Mr. Jacobs (HS Cross-country)
We started the year with one of the largest HS Cross Country groups since at least before COVID. Thank you to those of you who showed up early in the morning – before school – to run with your teammates. We only had a handful of meets (2 or 3), but we had a strong showing and came close to being eligible to score as a team for the first time since I have been here! Thank you to those of you who came to the meets ready to run and compete, and to those of you who came to support. To those of you graduating, you will be so missed. I am so proud of you all, and I look forward to continuing to improve with you all (and anyone new) next year!

Congratulations to Natalie Gross, the recipient of this award!

Coach Dom (MS Volleyball)
This was another season in the books, I am so proud of the volleyball team for making playoffs for the second year in a row and competing with some hard teams. They never gave up and always came to practices and games with a winning spirit. I want to share a special thanks to Coach David, Coach Kruse, Coach Trevino, and Coach Cliff for always being there, I could not have had a successful season without you all. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our athletes, go Bearkats!

Congratulations to Katherine Grundberg, the recipient of this award!

Coach David (HS Volleyball)
I would like to congratulate the high school volleyball team for making great strides this past season, with their first regional playoffs and runner-up in the finals. I am so proud as their coach, for their hard work and enthusiasm this past season, and the results speak for themselves. Our athletes have shown me that they have the ability and drive to achieve more. So, I am excited to see where our team takes us next season. I have a gut feeling that this is only the beginning of the Bearkats volleyball successes down the road. Thank you all for a great season.

Congratulations to Talulah May, the recipient of this award!

Coach McBride (MS Basketball)
The 2024 Basketball Team Was a special team. It was special because they were so small compared to their opponents. Even though they were much smaller, they played with big hearts. They accepted the challenge and did very well. After the games I had some coaches tell me how amazed they were because of their playing. I even had the referees commend them because of the way they played. This team won the hearts of the school, the parents, and everyone who saw them play.

Congratulations to Brady Putman, the recipient of this award!

Coach Kayla & McBride (Track)
It was an honor being able to coach track this season along the side of Coach Cliff. It was a joy to be able to teach the high school and middle school students the warmups, drills, and techniques I learned in my track journey. Seeing each student-run and get better over time and push themselves to do better, each practice showed their joy in being part of the team and their enjoyment in running track. Each member of the team is what made each Tuesday and Wednesday practice full of excitement. Over the season everyone was supportive of their teammates. The team showed great encouragement every practice by cheering each other on and giving hand fives after each drill. Leadership was also shown when students volunteered to lead stretches and warmups. Track is a sport that teaches a great number of essential skills. I hope that each one of you take what you learned this season mentally and physically and keep it for life.

Congratulations to Willie Grace Davis, Natalie Gross, and Mateo Sanchez, the recipients of this award!

Mr. Roddy (Golf)
The Bearkats golf team developed their skills and improved their swings and their game through lots of range time and course time starting late fall and through the Spring. This year we held practice at Hermann Park, FM Law Park, and Memorial. The golf team was dedicated to practice, generally attending two out of three, and in some cases, all three practices per week as their schedule allowed. Each golfer was open to feedback and tips on how to improve. They were always eager to practice their swings and apply their work on the golf course. The golf team is looking forward to playing in a small tournament coming up later in April. I am proud and appreciative of the golf team for their dedication and enthusiasm for the sport! 

Congratulations to Ethan Zweig, the recipient of this award!

Coach Santi (MS Soccer)
As both a soccer coach and a Montessori Sports coach, it was a pleasure to coach my first soccer team in a Montessori environment. There was constant dialogue between the players and I, making continuous adjustments to playing styles with the common goal of improving every week. Seeing the boys take responsibility for their development was very rewarding. Overall, it was a very positive season for the group, and I am looking forward to seeing what's to come for this team. Go Bearkats!

Congratulations to Ian Avritscher, the recipient of this award!

Dr. Lammel (HS Soccer)
Coaching the high school soccer team this year was full of new experiences. Not because of the change in players that left, or the new talent that got recruited, but because of the continuing growth of the team. I continue to see every player develop, both physically and ability-wise, but they also undergo a very important transformation into leaders. By learning how to put their talents, and weaknesses on the table, players undergo a change that focuses on how to support each other and work together for the greater good. I saw a group with many talented individuals become a team. During the fall 2023 pre-season, I saw players become stronger during our physical training, as well as honing their skills. During games, I saw a desire to win, shared by all that slowly turned into a brotherhood. And regardless of the games won, this is what matters the most, another step that makes a difference toward excellence. And with this progress, I can be confident in another great season to come next year. Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to Mateo Sanchez, the recipient of this award!

Coach Tucker Heart Award

MS Coach Tucker Heart Award Recipient
Our middle school Coach Tucker Heart Award recipient was a proud, dedicated Bearkat. He exemplifies the Bearkats spirit in his dedication, passion, and sportsmanship. He is highly competitive, while also being a stellar team player. Coach McBride referred to this individual as having a willing spirit, who openly accepts feedback and acts on it. Coach Santi said he demonstrated great leadership on the soccer team and always had the best interest of his teammates. We are all proud of this deserving athlete.

Congratulations to Miles Duboise, the recipient of this award!

HS Coach Tucker Heart Award Recipient
Our high school Coach Tucker Heart Award recipient has always been driven, immensely focused, and organized in all he does. This year he was the epitome of a leader. He demonstrated so many attributes that were motivational to all, especially to the soccer team. Dr. Lammel said, he is a very talented player, leader, teammate, and friend, he carried the spirit of the team well and made many things possible. Your team will miss you dearly. And I hope you continue to show all the talents you did this year throughout your soccer, professional, and personal life. He exemplified a positive attitude in the face of defeat, and he humbly elevated his team to prepare them for future games. In track Coach McBride wishes he had been in the program from his freshman year, he is now a senior! His performance on the track was so impressive, and he attended practices and meets with his usual commitment, determination, and concentration. There is no more deserving of this award.

Congratulations to Mateo Sanchez, the recipient of this award!

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