Class Raises $1,700 for Rescued Pets Movement

Cecilia V. ’28, Upper Elementary student

Last February, students in Anita Taj Mahmood and Irma Alracón’s class held a fundraiser for a non-profit organization called Rescued Pets Movement (RPM).

What they do is they take dogs and cats on the streets of Houston and from SPCA or BARC when they are going to be euthanized. The organization ships them to shelters in places up north like Colorado and Virginia, where they have very few dogs in shelters. There, they get adopted out faster, and sometimes by the time they get there, they already have a fur-ever home. This cause means a lot to our classroom. We want to help find homes for these living animals who cannot advocate for themselves.

How can you help?

There are a lot of things that you can do to help, like volunteering on transport day, donating materials they ask for on their website, and fostering a dog or cat. Here is a link to their website to see how you can help.

Editor’s note: Through their winter market fundraiser, Anita and Irma’s class raised $1,700 for the Rescued Pets Movement! Students received a visit this month from the RPM and a sweet furry friend, Butterscotch.

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