Eid Fest

Noor Q., '24

Hi, my name is Noor, and I’m a rising 9th grader at The Post Oak School. Our community, Muslims of Bellaire and Nearby Neighborhoods (MBN), organized an event that occurred on Saturday, May 15, 2021, for Eid al Fitr. This event was primarily for interfaith friends and neighbors to learn how Muslims celebrate Eid. Eid is a major holiday in Islam, celebrated after a month of fasting during Ramadan. We celebrate by dressing in festive clothing, praying, greeting family and friends, exchanging gifts, and eating lots of different types of food. At this event, our friends, peers, teachers, and neighbors got a little taste of what Eid is like.

The entire festival was a drive-thru, so people were free to join in their cars, with masks, while observing the different booths. There were booths showcasing different regions, all representing a journey through the Silk Road. There were booths for Central Asia, Indus Valley, Middle East, and Africa—each one showcasing items and artifacts from the different regions. Along with these informative and fun stands, there was also a Salam (greeting) booth, a gift booth, and one for food and water.

After interviewing a few people who visited the drive-thru festival, some people said their favorite part was the food, while others really enjoyed the cultural stands. My humanities teacher from The Post Oak School, Ms. Pel said “The event was very well organized, and I learned that there are Muslims all around the world who celebrate Eid… It was very nice to see the young children involved as well, especially at the Salam booth.”

It made me so happy to see my teacher and my head of school, Maura Joyce, come and join us for the event. Our goal was to raise awareness and to give others the opportunity to celebrate Eid with us. We hope everyone enjoyed it! Eid Mubarak!

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