Fun in the Sun (and Shade) at the BC

Elaine Schweizer, Senior Communications Specialist

The Bissonnet Campus (BC) was constructed in 1985. Built specifically for the developmental needs of children as young as 14 months through early adolescence, it has seen a number of improvements, including a renovation in 2016. 

In the past few years, though, new needs have popped up, some due to wear and tear, some thanks to opportunities brought by the pandemic.

BC pavilion provides shade on backfield

Students returned from winter break in 2022 to a new pavilion covering the BC’s backfield basketball court. The new structure is a welcome addition that provides shade and protection while classes play on the court or have lunch outdoors. Families got their first glimpse at our Parents Association End-of-Year Community Party in May.

We extend our gratitude to the donors who made the pavilion possible, including the Seff family and those who gave to Post Oak’s Annual Fund! Special thanks to our facilities team for managing and overseeing the project.

Mud pit to seeing green

The BC backfield has seen a lot of activity over the years, from Family Fun Days to After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) sports and daily recess. In that time, it’s been a headache for our facilities team to maintain, requiring closures to give it a break and encourage the grass to grow back. Since the pandemic and even more outdoor activities for students, the field slowly devolved into areas of scorched earth and a mud pit during rain. Four Upper Elementary students led the charge to do something about it. The result: time to turf! Not only will turf give us an even, clean field for recess and sports, instead of the standard six-inch base, there will be a two-foot crushed concrete bed to help with flood mitigation.

The four students are moving on to Middle School at the Museum District Campus for 22–23, but that didn’t stop them from leaving behind a green future for their peers and future students to enjoy. We hope you’ll come check it out at the next Family Fun Day in the fall.

Fourth YCC class opened

In spring 2022, Post Oak officially opened a fourth Young Children’s Community (YCC) class (14 months –3 years). The class, led by Elizabeth Dickson, welcomed nine toddlers to the community.

With their first semester complete, we are delighted to see how they enjoyed the classroom. We hope that the lasting impact is that more children get the benefit of Montessori at an earlier age and that we continue to grow our Post Oak community.

HVAC: All systems go—almost!

Air conditioning systems work non-stop to keep our buildings cool during warm months. The massive air handlers have been in service for 35 years and need to be replaced before they give out. That work started this summer with the replacement of all foil-tubed ductwork with more efficient (and sculpturally interesting) metal ductwork sections. The BC building became a full construction zone to dismantle ceilings and replace the ductwork. The two room-sized air handlers will be replaced later this fall through a process of disassembling and removing the old and reassembling the new unit in place.

Again our thanks to all contributors to the 2022 Biennial Gala and Post Oak Fund who helped offset part of the cost of the turf and the new HVAC system.

This article appears in our first issue of the new school magazine, Roots. Look for your copy coming out in August 2022.

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