High School Internship Spotlight

High School Internship Spotlight
Persephone F. '20
a high school student at her internship with an architect

I am very lucky to have started an internship at a local architecture firm this year. Over the summer, I realized I have an interest in design and buildings in general, and contacted Natalye Appel of the Natalye Appel + Associates Architects firm and asked if they might want or need an intern. As it turns out, she needed some help with their social media and online presence and being a “tech-savvy” teen like I am, I was more than happy to help.

At my internship, I generally help with their Google page, Instagram account, and Facebook page. So far I have identified things about their social media that could be improved, and I am currently working to fix those things. I create Instagram posts for them, help them put their office hours into Google, and made their Instagram account into a business account.

One thing I love about the internship so far is the actual office-space. The office is in a small house that has been renovated and changed. As you walk in, there are the bones of a wall separating the space in two, with doorways throughout. The ceiling is exposed beams, and you can see the ductwork and even some of the bones of the lighting. There are a lot of windows around the space, letting in natural light, with shades and bamboo stalks to make sure there’s no glare. I absolutely love the bamboo outside, as it moves in the wind and helps create a more peaceful atmosphere.

During my work, I also get to see what an architecture firm is really like. I get to talk with the architects about why they chose their profession and the projects they are currently working on, as well as getting to look through their photos and files and see what their past projects and drafts look like. While creating their Instagram posts, I have now sorted through so many photos of past projects that it’s mind-boggling. My favorite photos have been the really old ones of the people who work here. I found ones from the 80s and 90s, and they’re really retro and cute. It’s only been two weeks, but I’m already enjoying my time here so far!


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