Highlights from Summer School 2021

Dinah Chetrit, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator

Have you ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus but need the skills to juggle, spin plates, walk on stilts, and toss a hoop over your head and catch it? Have you ever wanted to use a trowel and pickaxe to dig up treasures that have long been hidden underground and keep an excavation journal of your discoveries? Have you ever wanted to discover the mysteries of our school building and grounds? Have you ever had a friend teach you how to play your first song on the piano? Have you ever helped sort and organize food donations at a food bank or delivered pet supplies to homebound seniors/pet owners?

These are just some of the adventures elementary students had at The Post Oak School during the summer of 2021. While they were enjoying such activities as Hula Hoops and Circus, Archaeology, Mystery Week, Music Jams, and Community Service Learning, the Elementary Transition students were busy honing their cursive writing skills, learning about the life cycle of the mealworm, and trying their hands at crafts, compasses, and calendars.

Meanwhile, the YCC engaged in outdoor water play, cooking muffins, exploring new art materials, and practicing grace and courtesy with new friends during their group snacks. The Primary Core classes learned about the Summer Olympics and transportation through music, crafts, and stories. And the Spanish Immersion students were presented with a study of the traditions, foods, and cultures of several Central and South American countries.

Our six weeks were full of learning and laughter, discovery and mastery of tasks, and meeting up with friends that had been in different cohorts over the academic school year. We hope that all the students in the Post Oak community had as much fun as we did in summer school.

Check out the summer school gallery here in the Parent Portal.

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