Nostalgia at Parent-Child Night

Nostalgia at Parent-Child Night
Daryll De Vera, Post Oak Alumnus and Parent

In 1990, it was my Post Oak Middle School classroom, but last night, it was my son's Upper Elementary classroom. As I walked through the halls and up the stairs, the memories came flooding in.

The days of my Upper Elementary through Middle School education at Post Oak hold some of my fondest childhood memories. I couldn't help but walk into the classroom and think, “That is where the science area used to be.”  When I sat down at a table with my son, the nostalgia really kicked in. Here I am, sitting in the same place I sat 34 years ago, watching my son give me some of the same lessons I used to get. Seeing the way the children flowed freely throughout the classroom, watching them grab materials that sparked so many memories, and seeing their excitement to see the same friends that they had just spent the entire day with, made me realize that my children get to create some of the same fond memories and bonds as I did at Post Oak. Parent-Child Night was more than me being a parent and watching my child work. Parent-Child Night was realizing that my children are not only getting the same education that I will forever be grateful for but also creating the same happy childhood I had at Post Oak.  

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