Post Oak Golf Team Competes at Houston Oaks

Leila Lopez Marks, '22

Originally posted on The Buzz Magazines by student reporter Leila Lopez Marks.

a male student with closed eyes holding a golf club

Golf team member Andreas Cantu practices his mental game in anticipation for the big tournament. (Photo: David Roddy)

Each year, the golf team at The Post Oak High School hosts a friendly tournament between the students and their parents. This has been a yearly tradition at Post Oak since the high school was started nine years ago. Although this fun and friendly tradition could not take place last year due to the pandemic, the students and faculty of Post Oak felt comfortable picking the tradition back up this year. 

In anticipation for the legendary tournament, the golf team made posters encouraging people to sign up for the competition. Many people signed up to compete, including some non-golf team members. And others agreed to support the tournament by cheering on the competitors. Although I did not compete, it was still exciting to support the people who were competing.

Finally, the big day arrived and the parking lot was full of people waiting to board the busses to the golf course. Competitors were decked out in their Post Oak golf team attire and were ready with their clubs. It was a perfect day for golfing, as it wasn’t too sunny or hot. Throughout the day as everyone moved from hole to hole, I could sense the players’ excitement and nervousness. 

By the end of the tournament, everyone was exhausted, but we were all glad that we had the opportunity to play. For those of us who just cheered, we got the opportunity to watch a great round of golf. We all loaded the busses or got back into our cars happy and excited to do it again next spring. 

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