That’s a Wrap! MDC Students Celebrate Quadfest

Anya K. ’28, Middle School Reporter

This year the Middle School and High School partook in the yearly tradition of Quadfest. Quadfest is the October celebration that features various activities, competitions, and, best of all, opportunities to get candy! This year’s theme was all about Halloween. 

Although Quadfest was actually held on October 26, the preparation began in the weeks prior. Quadfest was only made possible by the preparation, hard work, and dedication of the celebration managers, High School and Middle School students that helped with the setup, and the wonderful staff members at our school.

The Quadfest began promptly at 3:45, and students immediately rushed to the snack table to collect chips, pretzels, and other snacks. Gradually students started to line up at the activity tables. These activities were the Poke-a-Pumpkin, pipe cleaner craft, soda bottle ring toss, What's in the Monster, cookie decorating, and many more. 

Quadfest also featured various mini competitions such as a pie eating contest, three-legged race, and the sack race. The pie eating contest was won by Niko C., ’24. Lainey D. ’28 and Willie-Grace D. ’28 tied Ammar F. ’27 and Trey D. ’26 in the three-legged race. Daniel A. ’28 won the “bloody” sack race.

The school also participated in an advisory mummy toilet paper wrapping contest. The competition winners were the Abel/Vasquez advisory (Middle School) and the Novak advisory (High School). 

“There were really good snacks, and I liked the atmosphere. Overall I had a great time,” said Saj M. ’27.

“It was really fun to plan Quadfest, and I worked with a really amazing group of people to bring it together,” said Julia S. ’28.

“I enjoyed spending time with my friends at the booths, and doing the mummy toilet paper wrap with my advisory.” Lucia S. ’28

Overall, Quadfest was a fun, memorable, event that the Middle and High Schoolers no doubt enjoyed. 

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