Sixth Graders Immerse in Williamsburg History

Lucía Cerritos, Marketing Specialist, & Upper Elementary Students

Upper Elementary sixth-years ventured to Williamsburg, Virginia, alongside their teachers and parent chaperones. The week-long trip from May 2 to 6 is the highlight of overnight travel in Elementary and also helps mark a transitional point as sixth-years prepare for Middle School.

Williamsburg is a uniquely developed and operated township that serves as an ideal setting to study American history. Students explored Colonial Williamsburg, the largest outdoor living museum in the U.S., which provides immersive 18th-century experiences. Three students shared their adventures and memories:

“My experience at Williamsburg was fun, and I learned a lot. One thing that I really enjoyed was walking around colonial Williamsburg and going into all the little shops. The Governor's Palace was also lots of fun. There was a garden with a maze which was lots of fun to go through.”
—Katherine G. ’28

“My experience at Williamsburg was a very memorable one that I will never forget. I enjoyed learning about medicine in the 18th century as well as the wig shop.”
—Lucia S. ’28

“Williamsburg was such a fun and educational experience that I enjoyed very much. Some things I loved, in particular, were: ‘The Shadows of the Past,’ which was a ghost story tour, ‘To Hang a Pirate’ was a reenactment of the trials of Blackbeard's pirates, and the coffee shop where we learned how coffee was made.”
—Lina V. ’28

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