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The Post Oak School has operated continuously since 1963 and is a non-profit corporation. With a faculty and staff of over 100, we provide a culturally diverse student population with a comprehensive education founded on AMI Montessori principles. The Post Oak School is fully accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and, at the high school level, by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Our core curriculum is enhanced by specialized offerings (such as art and theater), extracurricular programs, interscholastic sports, travel opportunities, and internships with partner institutions in the Museum District and Texas Medical Center.

Fundamental to the Montessori idea is the belief that a person’s life work should have significance both for the individual and for society. To that end, The Post Oak School has cultivated a culture of active, regular community involvement among both students, families, and staff. Our students perform community service as part of their curriculum, our families participate in service opportunities, and we as a school contribute to the academic community by training teachers, organizing and chairing educational conferences, and hosting respected speakers on a variety of topics.

A Look at Post Oak

Diversity at the Heart of Post Oak

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When Dr. Maria Montessori established the Casa dei Bambini more than 100 years ago, she created not only a classroom where children would receive an academic education, but also a social and emotional environment where children would receive and give respect to one another. At The Post Oak School, we strive to create a respectful relationship among parents, teachers, administrators, and students. That respect we have for one another requires us to appreciate the diversity that exists within our school community.

There are major religious, cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, and political differences in the world. The variety of differences represents a wide range of responses to universal human needs. We want our students to understand diversity as a confirmation of global human commonality. To gain a greater appreciation and understanding of human diversity, a Post Oak School education not only presents our children with facts, but also guides them to examine issues from many, and sometimes very divergent viewpoints, thereby allowing students to develop their own internal standards by which to live.

In preparing our students for the future, we are showing them how to learn, think, and communicate effectively and work cooperatively with others. Demonstrating to our students how to understand and acknowledge the differences among people in the world and how to live in harmony with one another is a major part of their preparation for life after they leave The Post Oak School.

AMI Heritage

The term "Montessori" was never trademarked; any school can claim to make use of the educational method. Two main groups train teachers and accredit schools in the United States: the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded by Dr. Montessori herself and directed from the Netherlands (with a national branch office in Rochester, New York), and the American Montessori Society (AMS), headquartered in New York City.

AMI teacher training is rigorous: the course requires either a full academic year or three summers, and culminates in the inspection of student-written teaching albums and several days of oral and written exams. AMI offers diplomas for Assistants to Infancy and for Primary and Elementary teachers; only a limited number complete the training each year, and are in high demand around the country and the world.

Post Oak demonstrates its commitment to its AMI heritage through the training of its faculty and staff. Our head of school and the four academic division directors are all AMI trained. Twenty-one of twenty-nine lead teachers in Young Children's Community, Primary, Elementary, Middle School, and High School have AMI credentials for at least one level; and as we look to the development of future faculty, many of our classroom assistants are currently enrolled in AMI training courses or have earned their AMI credential. Post Oak has also made an extraordinary commitment to AMI teacher training, housing the Houston Montessori Institute (HMI), which trains Montessori primary teachers under the auspices of AMI.

The Post Oak School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or nationality or ethnic origin with regard to hiring, admissions, or in the administra­tion of any of its programs.

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