Cover of the 50th Anniversary Booklet

In the 2013–2014 school year, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Read quotes from our alumni and see photos and student work in the Jubilee Booklet.

School History

The Post Oak School was founded in 1963, serving children from 3 to 6 years of age, known as the Primary program. In the ensuing years, the school grew to include the Young Children’s Community (1966), Lower Elementary (1969), Upper Elementary (1976), Middle School (1980), and High School (2012).


The school has changed both name and location several times. Originally The Little School House (1963), it became The Montessori School House (1979), Post Oak Montessori School (1980), The Post Oak System (1981) and finally The Post Oak School (1985).

For nearly 20 years, the school occupied a house on Briar Ridge Drive. The school relocated to Harwin Drive (1981) and then to Gordon Elementary School, an unused HISD building (1985), while the facility in Bellaire was under construction. In that same year, the school moved across Bissonnet Street to its current location in a building that was specifically designed and built for its use. Houston’s Museum District was selected as the location for the High School, which opened in the fall of 2012 in a newly renovated open-concept environment. In 2016, a new High School building was completed on the Museum District Campus, and the Middle School relocated from the Bissonnet Campus to the existing High School building, creating an innovative center for adolescent education.

an historic photo of the first school building

The original school house

Heads of School

Carol Ferguson was the founding directress and led the school from its inception until 1985. John Long became the third full-time, permanent head of school in 1995 until he retired in June 2016. In July 2016, Maura Joyce became head of school.

photo of our founder

Carol Ferguson

heads of school

Maura Joyce and John Long in 2016

The Difference

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