Elementary students explore a globe

Dr. Montessori saw children change profoundly from the Primary to the Elementary years, in how they approach each other and how they encounter their environment

This “new child” requires a new educational approachMontessori Elementary programs build on the Primary's foundation to produce successful, confident, and joyful students.

The Elementary years are divided into two multi-age groups: Lower Elementary classrooms for children  ages 6 to 9 in grades 1 to 3, and Upper Elementary classrooms for children ages 9 to 12 in grades 4 to 6. Unlike birth order which remains constant throughout life, multi-age classrooms offer Elementary children the opportunity to be the youngest, middle, and oldest among peers as they move through the three-year cycle. Children learn to receive help and offer help as a natural part of life in the classroom community.

an Elementary student learning mathematics

Post Oak offers a much broader educational experience. We know they’re going to be challenged academically; that’s not even a concern of ours. Some of the aspects we love are that community service is a part of the curriculum, everyday manners are a part of the curriculum, the child’s individual intellectual journey is so well respected—we love that part of it. So for these reasons and many more, we choose the Post Oak educational experience.John Reed