Extended-Day Program

Elementary students read after school

The Elementary before- and after-school care program is housed in a specially prepared room and provides a relaxed, family-like environment for students.

Indoor and outdoor activities include arts and crafts, cooking and snack preparation, board games, puzzles, building sets, reading, classroom projects, playground sports, and games.

In addition, many children participate in after-school classes (After-School Enrichment Program, or ASEP) offered from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ASEP class fees are discounted 25% for children enrolled in the after-school care program.

On expanded-year contract days, when Elementary children attend after-care for the full day, they may make outings to local parks or other sites of interest.


Drop-ins are only accepted under unusual circumstances and you must contact the admission director if you need to arrange this. The school does not offer drop-in childcare on expanded-year-contract days (such as teacher in-service days), or during orientation at the start of school.

Elementary after-school student outdoors