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High School students jumping during Costa Rica trip

The Post Oak School is an amazing place to learn. Students come from all over Houston for this education, the community of students and staff, and the unique offerings.

The Post Oak School is focused on the developmental understanding of growing up and becoming a mature adult. Students at Post Oak are usually very involved with the school and activities, as well as choices about what happens here. Post Oak is a place for students to find a voice and to make a positive difference in the lives of others as they explore their personal interests and goals for life. Here, students have incredible opportunities as they encounter challenges and growth during their years at Post Oak.

Students come to Post Oak from many educational backgrounds, and successful candidates possess a strong ability to manage themselves and work independently. Coursework requires significant amounts of reading; students should be comfortable using state-of-the-art technology and ready to participate regularly in a roundtable seminar class format.

High School students at QuadFest

Colleges & Universities

Post Oak students are accepted to and attend an outstanding array of colleges and universities nationwide, including those below. The 21 seniors from the Class of 2023 have been offered $4,362,264 in merit-based scholarships from the universities where they have been accepted. See the full list of college acceptances.

Wellesley College
Yale University

During my time at Post Oak, I learned how to manage a busy schedule while also maintaining social connections. Through the implementation of the IB program and internship opportunities, I was well equipped for the collegiate experience. In managing extracurriculars and a substantial workload while in high school, my time management skills were well established for the collegiate journey.DESTINY JONES '19, matriculated at brown university

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