High School

High School students jumping during Costa Rica trip

At The Post Oak School, high school students have direct experience in Houston's cultural center—the Museum District—and the nearby Texas Medical Center.

The unique opportunities, including multi-year internships, give students authentic, real-world work that drives their development and prepares them for an engaged adulthood. Experiences at Post Oak nourish students' diverse interests, helping each student identify personal passions, and actively prepare for university and for life beyond school. At Post Oak, student curiosity deepens into real interest, and work becomes expertise.

Each fall, just 20 students are selected to join the High School at Post Oak. Students come from many educational backgrounds, and successful candidates possess a strong ability to manage themselves and work independently. Coursework requires significant amounts of reading; students should be comfortable using state-of-the-art technology and ready to participate regularly in a roundtable seminar class format.

High School students at QuadFest

For college, my daughter went to Baylor’s pre-med program. In sophomore year, she came home and said, “Mom, I’m going to tell you that Montessori is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I just went through my third set of finals, and I feel really bad for all of my friends. Right before finals, what I’ve witnessed for the third time, is that everybody—three days, four days before—is staying up all night cramming, trying to get all this information in, sweating it, drinking coffee all night long, and I’m sleeping.”

I asked, “How did you do that?”

She said, “Well, when I get my syllabus for the semester in that particular class, I look at it, and see what it is we’re going to do. I say, well that’s going to take about this much time, and then I’ll work on this part, and then I’ll get this part done, and then I’ll be here. For all my finals, I studied one night, and I was done.”Jackie Dryden