Young Children’s Community

Two YCC students work together

The Young Children’s Community serves the youngest students at The Post Oak School, of ages from fourteen months to three years.

The Young Children's Community, a part of early childhood Montessori education, requires a child to be a confident walker to be eligible for enrollment. In this private early childhood education setting, a maximum of 12 children can learn from and assist each other under the careful supervision of a trained teacher and assistants.

As with most aspects of Montessori education, early experiences in this community are thoughtfully designed to prepare children for years of future growth. The staff's responsibility is to observe and follow each child to determine how best to aid in their individual needs, to create a classroom environment where children can operate freely and independently, and to model and guide the development of respect for all people, nature, and materials.

The Post Oak School is committed to working in partnership with families to support each area of development for every child—physical, social, emotional, and intellectual.

A Young Children's Community student at work

Maria Montessori often used the phrase 'follow the child.' Post Oak placed bite-sized morsels of parenting nourishment in front of us starting with prospective parent classes—as we waited for an opening, what a feast this was! Our plate was now piled high, and we put our sights on the goal of becoming a Montessori family and home. Jeannine Bergt

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