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Houston is a vibrant, diverse city with many educational offerings, and we’re honored you are considering The Post Oak School.

Families who choose our school are investing in a unique path for their children, one traveled by out-of-the-box thinkers, big dreamers, and high achievers. For over 55 years, Post Oak students have been growing into independent, self-motivated, and creative individuals who use their voices and talents for their community and the greater good. This is no small feat, but it all starts by reaching out. We hope to get to know each other and find out if we're a fit for your family.

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Upcoming Admission Events

Our Admission Team

Ashley Krug, Admission Director
Tiffney Trimble, Associate Admission Director for Middle & High School
Tonia Merideth, Registrar and Admission Assistant

In addition to upcoming admission events, you are welcome at these other community-wide gatherings. Speak with the Admission Office to learn more.

  • Family Fun Day
  • Book Fair at Brazos Bookstore
  • POPA Parent Work Days
  • Storytime with Cory

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I have no doubt that my children are not only getting the best education academically, but that they are doing so in an environment that inspires them to be comfortable with who they are, to respect and appreciate our differences, to reach for their full potential by working independently and in cooperation with others, and to think outside and beyond “the box.”Laura Citardi