The Post Oak Difference

A Primary student working with the trinomial cube

When you choose Post Oak, you’re enrolling your child in one of Houston’s best private schools, and you’re joining one of the most vibrant communities in the city. But there’s something more: families that choose Post Oak have decided on an educational path that’s fundamentally different from the one offered by other schools. The Montessori method and its core principles are unique. And their results are being validated by research as well as the extraordinary lives of graduates.

Why Choose Post Oak?

We adhere to the rigorous principles of AMI Montessori education. Montessori isn’t trademarked; any school can claim the name or say “influenced by” while still focusing on conventional models. We believe our children deserve professionally trained experts committed to the highest standards. This is evident in our Post Oak graduates who are self-reliant, intellectually curious, confident, and fully equipped for the adventure of life. Our method includes (click the title to read more):

We view children holistically and attend to their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

People learn best when they want to, and not when they’re coerced using external rewards.

Why Choose a Private School in Houston?

When you choose The Post Oak School, you are enrolling your child in one of Houston's best private schools and you are joining one of the city’s most vibrant communities. Families that choose Post Oak are deciding to set their child on a fundamentally different educational path from the one offered by other schools in the area. As a result, our children are receiving an individualized education that develops independence and freedom to propel them forward in the next step of their lives.

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an elementary classroom with students collaborating

Students work both collaboratively and independently. Movement and a variety of working spaces are built into their environment.

“Could I be a student here?” Every year we hear parents ask that question. Too few of us attended schools that felt right. Instead you are giving your children an extraordinary opportunity by choosing Post Oak.

Colleges & Universities

Post Oak students are accepted to and attend an outstanding array of colleges and universities nationwide, including those below. The 23 seniors from the Class of 2024 have been offered $6,515,653 in merit-based scholarships from the universities where they have been accepted. See the full list of college acceptances.

Wellesley College
Yale University