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Post Oak Photo Galleries

(14 months–Grade 6)

Welcome to our Bissonnet Campus, which serves students from 14 months to grade 6.

a young children's community teacher giving a lesson to a student

A Young Children’s Community teacher working with a student to develop hand-eye coordination and grasp.

A Young Children’s Community student working independently to fit each cylinder into the appropriately-sized hole.

Young Children’s Community class singing before sharing their snack together.

Primary children delight in observing an older child's water coloring.

A Primary teacher presents a lesson on the Binomial Cube to a student.

A Primary student working independently to place each square and rectangle in order by size and color to complete the square of the decanomial.

A Primary teacher introducing a student to the quantities 1 through 10 and their number names through a lesson of the Number Rods.

A Primary student practicing arithmetic through the Snake Game.

A student taking an advantage of the rainy afternoon to find a book to read in the library.

Students begin their day with a greeting from faculty and staff.

Three Lower Elementary students sharing a table to work on different activities.

Lower Elementary students sharing their latest art pieces.

A time for musical theater in Lower Elementary.

Lower Elementary students on a class outing at the Chung Mei Buddhist Temple.

A third-year Elementary student mentoring younger students with their work in mathematics.

Two Upper Elementary students demonstrate an experiment for their class and share their findings.

The school counselor facilitates an activity to support social skills in the classroom.

Allez! Elementary students participating in fencing as part of the After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP).

Students express themselves through music under the guidance of our specialist.

An Upper Elementary class musical rehearsal in full swing.

(Grades 7–12)

Welcome to our Museum District Campus High School entrance.

Middle School students testing their latest recipe in Occupations class.

A math lesson overlooking our Museum District Campus green spaces.

Middle School students explore the coastal biomes of Texas and to learn about the numerous opportunities in the maritime and coastal industry.

Our Middle School students learn both on campus and in the great outdoors during school trips, including here at the Grand Canyon.

Building raised gardens beds in Middle School.

Community meetings are an opportunity for High School faculty and students to connect about the events for the week.

Collaboration flows between classrooms and common study areas.

A High School student calculates the strength of the bridge by measuring an applied load in an engineering lesson.

A group of High School students conducting an experiment in science.

High School students share funny moments in their community meetings.

High School students restore a structure in Jamaica through the Falmouth Field School mini-course intensives.

High School students take part in an archaeological study in Seymour, Texas, on a mini-course intensive.

A High School student shares their archaeological find on a mini-course intensive.

A High School student snaps a photo on their first day as an intern at Texas Children’s Hospital.

A High School student furthers her studies in geology while interning at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

High School Bearkats competing against a local school in basketball.

Two High School Bearkats cross country team mates share their medals.

High School film club coordinating technology to create their next blockbuster.

High School students produce and perform in “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” at the MATCH.

Students hanging out on the quad during Fall Fest, which features games, music, sports, food, and lots of fun.

High School students snapping a picture before heading to prom.

High School senior celebrating their last day of High School.

Seniors participating in the end-of-year all-school assembly, which celebrates all students moving up to the next academic level.

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