Ancestral Dance

Ancestral Dance
Gala art from Andrea Restrepo's Lower Elementary Class

Andrea Restrepo’s Lower Elementary Class

Ancestral Dance is a woven sculpture inspired by the kinetic art movement with fibers. This collective creation represents a tribute to abstract art and honors the viewers and their different perspectives. The 4,830 threads are the soul of the work, and their careful assembling makes a dynamic interaction between the audience and the piece. The flow of the threads is an invitation to feel the textures.

The color scheme represents a dance between day and night. The fiery energy of the sun’s rays contrasts with the calming colors of the dark sky.

Ancestral Dance is a salute to our pre-Hispanic ancestors who utilized the art of weaving as a pre-writing form of communication, the Quipu. In many cultures, the collective work with threads strengthens communities playing too, a therapeutic role for individuals. The work of the hands, repetition, exactness, movement, and socialization are some of Dr. Montessori’s pillars, natural tendencies needed for the execution of the piece.

students with their gala project

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