The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest
Gala art from Landon Bagby's Primary Class

Landon Bagby’s Primary Class

This enchanted night in a forest was created with cyanotype, which is a photographic printing process that manufactures a cyan-blue print. Younger children placed leaves and cutouts on top of the fabric. Cyanotype is light sensitive, so there were only a few seconds in which the children could arrange and complete the design. The children carefully brought the work to the garden to allow the fabric to have a generous sunbathing.

Once the print was set, the older children hosed off the chemicals and hung it up to dry. No one could predict how the artwork would turn out until the very last step of rinsing the fabric. It was a magical moment for all the children when they saw their imagination come to life! Lastly, the children carefully added embroidered touches around the images to complete their Enchanted Forest.

Size: 27” x 45”

students with their gala project

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