Flower Power!

Flower Power!
Gala art from the Middle School

Middle School

National Flowers Embroidered Collaborative Piece 

As a global community, the Middle School students embarked on a creative journey to produce a collaborative piece of artwork that was composed of individually handcrafted pieces. 

  • The technique adopted was embroidery, which allowed the students to work independently. 
  • The theme of the composition was Flower Power. 

In the 1960s, flower power was more than a design aesthetic. Flowers were symbols of peace and love. It was also decided that a butterfly was to be added as a central piece as this symbolized transformation and change—a process that all the Middle School students go through. 

To make the composition a truly personal piece of work for the Middle School, students were able to choose a flower that had special significance to them and their families. National Flowers of various countries were selected as a theme. March celebrates United Nations World Wildlife Day which celebrates the world’s flora and fauna and it was fitting that it was also the month of the Post Oak Gala.

Size: 25.5” x 32.5”

students with their gala project

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