Mandala of Mindfulness

Mandala of Mindfulness
Gala art from Beth Olitzki's Lower Elementary Class

Beth Olitzki’s Lower Elementary Class

Mandalas are used in many cultures and traditions around the world and give lessons in beauty, geometric design, patterns, symmetry, patience, and best of all, collaborative work. In preparation for our mandala, we studied cultures and religions that use mandalas in their practice. We studied techniques and different mediums that can be used. In our mandala, each child learned how to use watercolor and how to create color gradation. Children cut each piece not knowing the masterpiece they would create when the pieces were put together. One of the most beautiful moments of the whole project was the looks of joy and surprise when the children saw how their work came together in such a beautiful way.

Size: 33.5” x 33.5”

students with their gala project

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