Triangular Tessellation

Triangular Tessellation
Gala art from Simran Sood's Upper Elementary Class

Simran Sood’s Upper Elementary Class

A tessellation is a collection of shapes or tiles that fit together without gaps or overlaps to cover the mathematical plane. Working with Mrs. Fagala, the students were presented with M.C. Escher’s artworks before learning about the grid and how to create them. Different groups of children were responsible for drawing 2x2 inch triangles, cutting them, making the grid, and assembly. Various texturized papers were used along with liquid watercolors painted onto watercolor paper to create a visually appealing color scheme and to give depth and dimension to the art piece. Finally, each triangle was glued onto another piece of thick watercolor paper according to the grid.

Size: 34.5” x 26.25”

students with their gala project

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