Village of Hope

Village of Hope
Gala art from Anita Taj's Upper Elementary Class

Anita Taj Mahmood’s Upper Elementary Class

As a guide, my goal is to encourage students to learn about global citizenship. This idea came alive during the pandemic. The entire world strived for hope. We, as a community, have gained skills of patience and forbearance we never thought we would need. We have understood the importance and value of using time for maintaining relationships, the joy in nurturing and supporting one another, and the great peace we can find in solitude. This village reminds me of that. It gives me hope. We all come from different countries, we have different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and values. This is a village where everyone gathers in peace. We are one. We stand together. We believe. We hope. —Anita

Size: 26” x 13”

students with their gala project

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