Landing Page

Using The Landing Page

The landing page of your site can be cloned and used to replace a landing page or individual elements can be copied and placed on any page in the website. The copy button can be found in the top right corner of an element

To clone the page

  1. Click on the landing page in the list of site pages
  2. Click the ... menu
  3. Moved the page just above the desired landing page
  4. Move the pages below the current landing page under the new landing page by using the "move to new parent" option in the ... menu
  5. Delete the old landing page

Updating Individual Elements on the Page

Some of the elements on the page are standard interior page elements that can simply be updates using standard instructions for the CMS. The individual callout, voices and infographic are elements that have been repurposed from the homepage of the site for use on interior pages.

  • Hero Image: Update this image via the element settings by clicking the browser button and selecting a new image from resources
  • Content Element: This element can be update and edited by clicking into the main body of the element. It's currently using a lead in style and body copy
  • Quote: This is a standard quote style and can be updated by clicking into the main body of the element.


This slideshow is designed to display a set of quotes and images. 

1. Create a gallery for the slideshow

2. Add images/quotes to the gallery

  • Add an image (565 x 600)
  • Add the quote and the citation.
    • The citation should be italicized and directly follow, on the same line, as the quote text
  • Add the link text (Student Stories) on a new line

Pro Tip: Follow the format of another quote to be sure the formatting is correct. 

3. Connect the resource element to the appropriate gallery

  • Click the settings of the resource element
  • Click Browse to select the Gallery for desired set of quotes
  • Save
  • Publish the page

Custom Image Box

This element can be copied and used on any page in the site. It will expand to the space where it's placed so that it can be used in any number of page layouts. To update the element

  1. Click into the main content areas
  2. Update the text and link. If you are following the current styling, the text is H3
  3. Save
  4. Click into the element settings
  5. Click Browse to choose a new image from resources
  6. Save


This infographic is the same as the one used on the homepage. Because it's a full width element, it needs to be used at the bottom of an interior pages.

This section is created from a series of custom content elements. To maintain the formatting of each statistic, we recommend updating each from the html of the content element.

To update an element:

  1. Copy the custom class from the desired icon (Link to List of Icons)
  2. Click into an element
  3. Click the html </> from the editor
  4. Highlight the red text and paste the custom class of the new icon
  5. Replace the statistic between the <h3> tags
  6. Replace the description between the <p> tags
  7. Save

To add additional statistics to the slider, copy one of the elements and paste it within the container.