Parent Workshops & Support

Parents at Montessori Journey night

We offer parent-focused educational coffees, workshops, and community-wide events for both current and prospective families.

Come learn more about Post Oak and the Montessori approach. All are welcome!

Join us for one or more of these events. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions.

Montessori Talks

Learn more about Montessori and a Post Oak education at each level from early childhood to adolescence.

Held monthly. RSVP below.

Series topics:

  • Sept. 23: Building Partnership and Trust with Your Child with Mirani Smith, HMI Executive Director
  • Oct. 21: Intro to Montessori Elementary: Debunking the Myths! with Jeff Schneider, Lower School Head
  • Nov. 18: Toileting & Independence for the Young Child with Emily Hansen, Young Children's Community Teacher
  • Dec. 9: Montessori Outcomes: A Look at Adolescence with Maura Joyce, Head of School

Living Montessori

Join Mirani Smith's support series for families with young children (ages 2-6 years).

Held on Thursdays at 7:15 p.m.

Join via Zoom | Meeting ID: 421 568 7949

Series topics:

  • Sept. 24: Exploring Your Child's Potential
  • Oct. 8: Bridging The Classroom and Home: What Support Does Your Child Need?
  • Oct. 22: Honoring Your Child's Pace and Process
  • Nov. 12: Oral and Spoken Language Activities
  • Dec. 3: Montessori's Principle of "Friendly Attitude Towards Error"
  • Dec. 17: The Outdoors: Purposeful Work in Your Backyard and the Neighborhood

Mirani has over four decades' experience working with Primary-aged children. She is now the Executive Director at the Houston Montessori Institute (HMI) and an associate trainer of teachers. She started working at Post Oak in the 1991-92 school year as a Primary guide and served as the Early Childhood Director at Post Oak until 2019, when she transitioned to working exclusively with HMI.

Watch Montessori Talks

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Parent Education Opportunities

  • Montessori Journey in October
  • Montessori Talks, most months
  • Montessori 101 in November
  • Alumni Voices in January
  • The Middle School Experience in October
  • The High School Experience in October
  • Parenting the Love and Logic Way (fall and spring)
  • Redirecting Children's Behavior (fall and spring)

Other Special Events

  • POPA Volunteer Days, most first Fridays of the month
  • Storytime with Cory (monthly)
  • Family Fun Day in November
  • Family Movie Night in April
parent and teacher at Montessori Journey

A parent and Primary teacher at Montessori Journey

Infant-Parent Classes (currently not available)

We offer classes for parents with children two months old to pre-walking. Our focus is supporting you to aid your child's language development, movement, social-emotional development, and self-care. Learn more and register on our website.

Childcare for Current Families

Childcare for current families is available for most evening events. To be eligible to attend, children must be students at Post Oak in the Primary or Elementary programs. The cost is $5 per child and will be billed to your account by the Business Office.

Reservations must be made in advance with the front office and will be accepted as long as space and staffing allow.

Other Resources

Aid to Life provides instructions for movement, communication, independence, and self-discipline based on Montessori principles. The format is easy to understand and apply immediately. Presentations include video as well as step-by-step directions.