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Guest panel at Alumni Voices event

Our graduates remain forever part of the Post Oak community. 
Some return as classroom volunteers or to work in the admin offices as summer assistants and interns. Often they come back to visit with their teachers, participate in the High School Thanksgiving Gathering, or to talk about their Montessori experiences at our Alumni Voices event. They always remember the community that nurtured them and prepared them for college and beyond and are willing to talk about how those early experiences shaped the people they have become.

Post Oak grads and former students, please visit our Alumni area to get in touch.

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Each January we welcome back our alumni to share their experiences from college and life after Post Oak. This year's format was virtual, allowing even more to participate. Thank you, Post Oak alumni!

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Portrait of a Graduate of The Post Oak School

Portrait of a Graduate  

Watch a group of Post Oak graduates at an alumni event, and a compelling composite emerges. It’s the picture of a whole human being. One prepared to function productively on all levels: intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual. A person ready to participate fully in the world; a willing and able contributor; a self-motivated lifelong learner.

How can you recognize graduates of The Post Oak School? A Post Oak graduate...

  • understands their personal capacity and ability to make an impact.

  • is curious and chooses to be engaged.

  • is compassionate and collaborative.

  • builds relationships with peers and professionals alike.

  • adapts to change and shows resilience.

  • values diversity and advocates for justice and equity.

  • challenged the norm!

They are Montessorians for life. Many Post Oak graduates stay in touch with their “family” here and are happy to talk about the gifts their education has given them—self-confidence and resourcefulness; enduring relationships; constructive work habits—lessons that never stop shaping who they are and who they hope to be.