Cristal Roth, Nurse

The eldest of four kids, Cristal grew up in the Oklahoma countryside, riding horses and exploring the great outdoors in her backyard. A love of nature quickly took root and has been a personal passion all her life. Today she scales mountains at 14,000 feet and has logged 12 big hikes to date. When she isn’t up in the clouds or hosting family dinner with her three adult sons, she is at Post Oak, caring for our students and community as our school nurse.

Cristal’s career in health care began, and has always been, in the field of pediatric nursing. While living in Washington, D.C., she worked in physical rehabilitation and intensive care units at Georgetown Hospital, later transferring to Texas Children’s Hospital when her family moved westward, settling in Houston. She brings 25+ years of pediatric nursing experience to Post Oak and joined our team in late 2019 after serving as a nurse at Duchesne Academy. The mother of three boys, she enjoyed the change of pace at an all-girls school and found school nursing to be the perfect match for her skills and interests. Cristal brings extensive experience to support a healthy, thriving community of young learners here at Post Oak. Her role, however, goes far beyond the basics. While she always has a band-aid on hand, she serves our students in many aspects of wellness.

“Listening and awareness are essential. School nursing is also part psychology. It’s important to notice eye contact, to read body language, and to ask questions. Kids often tell it all. You don’t have to ask very much and you get everything. The key is to be a good listener.”

In today’s environment, Cristal’s role involves the hands-on care of our community, but also review and assessment of the latest medical information and recommendations. As a member of our task force, her role is ever-evolving and responsive to the developments both inside and outside our campus doors. Her years of training in the ICU have instilled an ability to stay calm, even in crisis situations. We are fortunate to have such a seasoned and nurturing member on the Post Oak team who is fully dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of our Bearkat community.

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