Joseph Aken, Elementary Director

You could say that Montessori education has been a visa in Joseph Aken’s passport to a life full of learning and exploration. Born and raised in Dallas, Joseph began as a Montessori student at 18 months old. Through middle and high school, he extended his time on campus, working after- and summer school jobs at St. Alcuin Montessori School, juggling between afternoons at swim team practice and weekends scouting his next campsite.

His mother’s career in the travel industry allowed their family to chart road trips through the American West and deserts of the south and hike across the Caribbean. Seeing the world from different vantage points shaped his path with Montessori, which has ebbed and flowed between his native Texas and the world over. Joseph’s Montessori career began in Austin immediately after college graduation, and he has spent over a decade working between classrooms, transition classes, and administration. As his experience has grown, he has been invited to share his skills and experience with schools near and far. As a mentor to international Montessori schools, he has traveled to Austria, France, and Switzerland, where he has utilized the very principles of the curriculum to build and support self-managed, independent communities.

Joseph was familiar with Post Oak long before he accepted the role as our new Elementary director. He has attended trainings here, toured our campuses, and worked alongside many Bearkat alumni. He is driven to continue the work of Montessori because he has seen how it gives space for young minds to expand.

“[Children today are] expected to become older much faster, but the period of childhood should be respected and honored. Childhood is a time when kids can try on different costumes and ideas.”
Beyond his wealth of Montessori experience, Joseph brings a plethora of creativity to our community. In his free time, he can be found reading about botany, figure sketching or bronze casting, hiking, and letting curiosity be his guide.

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