Terry McNally, Middle School Occupations Teacher

If you’ve ever been to Family Fun Day or Book Fair, you’ve most likely enjoyed some baked goods from the Middle School microeconomy. The microeconomy is part of the Occupations curriculum, where students learn product development, marketing, budgeting, and money management—and it connects students from the classroom to the world. This year, the Middle School is excited to welcome a new occupations guide, Terry McNally.

Originally from Liverpool, UK, home of the famous Penny Lane (of The Beatles fame!), Terry trained to be a teacher at John Moore’s University. He taught art, design, and technology in Liverpool at a local high school for 12 years. In 2002, he moved to Houston, where he was the subject leader for design and technology and teacher of art and design at the British School of Houston for 14 years.

Terry returns to teaching after a four-year hiatus as a Realtor. “Missing being creative, I added on home staging and interior design, which I did in conjunction. When the time came for me wanting to return to teaching, I was fortunate that Post Oak was looking for an occupations guide, which was the ideal position that matched my skills, experience, and interest.” We have Athletics Director Sally Kruse to thank for introducing Terry to Post Oak. They previously worked together at the British School, and when the position at Post Oak opened, Sally recommended us as a wonderful place to teach.

So what’s the best part of teaching for Terry? He shares that it’s working with students on design, problem-solving, and developing practical skills that will be used in everyday life—observing students being enthusiastic, interested, and motivated in what they are doing and allowing them the freedom to investigate ways they can contribute to the lives of others. His inspiration is “allowing students to have a more ‘hands-on’ approach to their learning and give them the freedom to discover knowledge and develop skills themselves.”

During his summers, Terry enjoys traveling the world and has visited Thailand, Australia, India, and Vietnam. His hobbies include home design, DIY, spending time with his pets (a rescue Toy Poodle, a cat, and a “lively” Boxer), as well as cycling along the Buffalo Bayou bike trail.

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