A Look Ahead by Miriam Winton

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A Look Ahead by Miriam Winton

Summer break provides all of us with much-needed time to reflect on the past year and plan for the start of a new one. As an educator, the beginning of a new school year has always filled me with excitement, anticipation, and great optimism. What am I excited about and looking forward to as I plan for the new school year? Many things, really, but the one thing that stands out the most is resuming in-person events on campus. Post Oak is all about community, and a true sense of community from a distance proved difficult. Connecting with people face to face on campus will be a welcome return to our community, and that possibility truly excites me.

As the new school year approaches, I look forward to sitting around tables for administration and departmental meetings. I look forward to the presence of parents on campus once again, actively supporting the school in so many different ways and being able to observe their children in our classrooms. I eagerly await welcoming new and prospective parents for tours of the school so they can get a real sense of what Post Oak is like. I look forward to larger groups of students interacting on the playgrounds, after-school classes on campus, and Bearkats matches in the gym. I look forward to seeing students walking through the hallways to the library and physical fitness and working together outside of their classrooms, the hum of aftercare activities in the common room, and the sound of children’s voices singing in the music room.

We are not out of the pandemic yet, and protocol decisions to start the year are still being considered. Our community has already managed restrictions throughout the whole of last school year, and students, families, and staff have the training to get us through whatever else the virus throws at us. There is hope around the corner, and I’m looking forward to the return of all the really simple things that are sometimes taken for granted but add so much to the life of a school. I am excited and optimistic about the year ahead. 

Miriam Winton
Early Childhood Director