A Message from Maura Joyce

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Maura Joyce, Head of School

Video Transcript:

Hello! The 2021–22 school year is just about in the books as we wind down to the last week of classes here at The Post Oak School. Reflecting on this year, there is one word that comes to mind for me and that is this: gratitude.

I’m grateful for many things that this school year brought, starting with the incredible flexibility, ingenuity, resilience, and fortitude of our students and staff as we surfed the many waves that came our way. I’m grateful for being together and reinstituting some of our old traditions and creating new ones too.

I’m grateful for student travel, international days, history fairs, working in the gardens, parent visitors, and parent connection through POPA and this year’s Gala. I’m grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the last months of the school year with an invitation to be maskless and be reintroduced to the many smiles we missed the previous two years.

Many of us teachers, staff, students, and families are looking forward to the summer months and a chance to recharge our batteries. Here at the school, we balance time off and vacation with the exciting work that goes into planning the next school year.

Schools work all year round, and summer can be refreshing in simply having the time to look forward. Some of our friends will be returning after summer, having grown a few inches with new stories to share. Some of our friends will be moving on to other adventures: a new home, a new chapter, or a new school.

Whichever category you fit into, I’m grateful for your contribution to the Post Oak community and for sharing your children with us. We are simply better people because we get to spend time together with them learning and growing side by side.

Have a great summer, be well, and we’ll see you soon! Thanks!