Assessment: The Montessori Approach

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Assessment: The Montessori Approach

How does Montessori evaluate each child's performance? Why isn't traditional grading used? How will I know that my child is progressing?

This Talk will focus on the Montessori approach to evaluation and assessment at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. In a Montessori method of education, assessment of learning is based on the observation of the whole child as they work and engage in activities each day. Observing the whole child means observation of what the child is learning or demonstrating intellectually, as well as how they are operating socially and emotionally. Join us as delve deeper into our Qualitative Evaluation & Assessment process and what it looks like in practice.

The Talk with be led by:

Maura Joyce
Head of School

Louis Dorsey
College Counselor & Standardized Testing Coordinator

Joseph Aken
Elementary Director

Alex Abel
Middle School Director

James Quillin
Director of High School Curriculum and Instruction

*We intend for all Montessori Talks to be hosted in-person at our Bissonnet Campus (4600 Bissonnet Street). The location will be confirmed in advance to all RSVP'ed guests.