Introduction to Elementary

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Introduction to Elementary

What does Montessori at the Elementary level look like? How is it different than the Young Children’s Community and Primary? What remains familiar?

Both parents and students are invited to learn more about continuing on a Montessori path into Elementary. Led by Elementary teachers and division director, Joseph Aken, this session will take a look at the environment and experiences of our students between ages 7 to 12. Divided into two multi-age groups of Lower and Upper Elementary, our programs offer children the opportunity to be the youngest, middle, and oldest among peers as they move through the three-year cycle. Children learn to receive help and offer help as a natural part of life in the classroom community. We discuss this and more during our January Talk. Join us!

The Talk with be led by:

Joseph Aken
Elementary Director

Elementary Teachers: TBA

*We intend for all Montessori Talks to be hosted in-person at our Bissonnet Campus (4600 Bissonnet Street). The location will be confirmed in advance to all RSVP'ed guests.