Middle School: Beyond The Four Walls

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Middle School: Beyond The Four Walls

When does a child become an adult? How can we encourage, nurture and guide them to develop both independence and maturity? How does Post Oak support this development beyond the four walls of our Museum District Campus?

Elementary and Middle School students and parents are invited to see how our middle school program is distinctly different from any other. Our program allows students to continue self-directing their learning while expanding their access through travel, group work, and community service, all of which build their skillsets and make a real impact on the world around them.

This Talk will be led by:

Alex Abel
Middle School Director

Middle School Teachers: TBA

*We intend for all Montessori Talks to be hosted in-person at our Bissonnet Campus (4600 Bissonnet Street). The location will be confirmed in advance to all RSVP'ed guests.