Montessori Outcomes

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Montessori Outcomes

What are the outcomes of a Montessori education? What is the Post Oak difference and what do our students acquire before they graduate?

Outcomes are important to consider when choosing an educational path for your child. In Montessori, children are given concepts, lessons, materials, and an environment to discover knowledge, then set free to explore for themselves with their teachers as mentors to guide them. Where does all this exploration and discovery lead them? Join Maura Joyce, head of school, for a discussion on the benefits of a Post Oak education from infancy through young adulthood.

This Talk with be led by:

Maura Joyce
Head of School

*We intend for all Montessori Talks to be hosted in-person at our Bissonnet Campus (4600 Bissonnet Street). The location will be confirmed in advance to all RSVP'ed guests.