Getting Involved

As a parent at The Post Oak School, you are automatically a member of the Post Oak Parents Association (POPA). There are no dues or fees associated with POPA membership. For more information about the Parents Association, contact the POPA chairs or the Development Office. We are grateful for our parent volunteers—sign up using the form below.

POPA Chairs

From our group of outstanding volunteers, we ask two to three parents to serve a two-year term as POPA chairs—leaders of our parent organization and ambassadors of the school. They work with faculty, staff, and volunteers on a variety of programs and events. The POPA chairs recruit volunteers to serve as chairs for the regularly scheduled school events.

POPA Chairs 2022–2024: Sabina Walia, Vareen Cunningham, and Rhian McKinney

Room Parents

Room parents are part of the POPA leadership team. They are communicators between the teacher and class parents. Room parents help to support the work of the teacher in many ways: from shopping to organizing parent volunteers. At the Bissonnet Campus, room parents work directly with their child’s classroom teacher; at the Museum District Campus, they work with division directors, and on both campuses they work with the POPA chairs. You will undoubtedly hear from the room parent in your child’s classroom; please give them your support. 

The room parent’s number-one responsibility is to assist the teacher in the way they wish. Room parents help with the general needs of the classroom as directed by the teacher. These general needs can include:

  • preparing for class events (celebrations/holidays/field trips);
  • chaperoning field trips;
  • helping with activities related to Family Fun Day;
  • passing on requests or information to class parents from the teacher, division directors, administration, or POPA chairs whether by phone, by email, or in person;
  • possibly helping with the class art project during a Gala year.
  • helping POPA chairs to fill volunteer requests.

Room parents should review the Room Parent Guidelines distributed at the beginning of the year. For an additional copy, visit the Development Office.

Our thanks go to the hard-working room parents for their help throughout the year!

Contact POPA Chairs & Room Parents
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We have a talented and involved parent body. Parent volunteer activities are coordinated through the Parents Association.

The school depends on the support of parent volunteers throughout the year. When you share your time and talents, you make a valuable contribution to the children and community of Post Oak, and you get the opportunity to meet other parents. POPA volunteers help to build community spirit and provide needed (and appreciated!) help to our faculty and staff.

There are many ways to help out:

School, Classroom, & General Needs

  • Assist with field trips, special events, plays, and other class projects.
  • Assist with parent education programs.
  • Work in the Bissonnet Campus library, art room, or school office.
  • Participate in beautification projects around the school.
  • Introduce elements of your cultural heritage or professional expertise to your child’s class. Contact the teacher to discuss your ideas.
  • Serve as a room parent to provide direct support to the classroom teacher. Contact your child’s teacher if you are interested.
  • Join other Post Oak families for service projects throughout the Greater Houston area.
  • Sign up to share your alma mater experience with a High School student interested in your school. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up.

Events & Fundraising

  • Volunteer to work on school-wide events such as Family Fun Day, our annual POPA Welcome Cocktails, Book Fair, Community Service, and Grand Friends Days.
  • Every other year, Post Oak holds a festive gala fundraiser hosted by POPA volunteers. In addition to the event chairs, there are numerous committees needed to put together this grand celebration. The 202–24 school year is a gala year.
  • Our newest event, Putting for Post Oak, is a golf tournament held on non-gala years. The next tournament will be held in the spring of 2025.
  • Assist as an annual fund class captain or with other fundraising projects.

Admissions Needs

  • Host families pair with a new family to check in over the summer before the fall semester and offer their experience and support.
  • Join the welcome committee to be a friendly face and support for new families who enter The Post Oak School mid-school year.
  • Parent Ambassador Network spread the word about The Post Oak School to other people in their community.


Please sign up to work on any of the events or activities that interest you, and you will be contacted with more information. Thank you for the work you do in support of the school.


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School, Classroom, & General Needs
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Admissions Needs

We also ask that you attend and participate in as many school-wide events as your schedule permits, such as the Community Coffee, POPA Welcome Cocktails, POPA Parent Work Days, Family Fun Day, and Book Fair. See the school calendar for dates and times.

POPA Dinner gallery

Parents and teachers mingle before the meal at the annual POPA Welcome Dinner.

Help Out Our Post Oak High School Students

There are two directories to support our High School students, kept by the High School college counselor and faculty. The first directory lists the colleges and universities attended by Post Oak parents or guardians so that students interested in attending those schools can reach out with questions. The second directory lists parents and guardians who could accommodate a High School intern from Post Oak at their place of business.

Help a Post Oak student