Consistent attendance is important. The students who benefit most are those who attend regularly and arrive punctually.

There are several reasons for this:

  • A consistent routine provides security for students; a sense of security enables students to learn more readily.
  • A student’s experiences in the classroom and with the materials are cumulative; consistent attendance bolsters learning.
  • Parents’ and students’ shared commitment to regular and timely attendance at school affirms the importance of school and learning.
  • During Middle School and High School, consistent attendance continues to be important for the students’ connection with the social community and culture. Frequent absences or tardies can undermine this fundamental connection and affect both the social and academic experience at school.
  • Intermittent attendance, or periods of long absence, can affect students’ adaptation to school and learning.

Scheduling Appointments and Vacations

Please make every effort to ensure your student’s regular attendance. In this regard, we specifically request that you:

  • Schedule family vacations and trips to coincide with school breaks and holidays. Students are expected to be in attendance on the day before and after a break or holiday.
  • Schedule appointments with doctors, dentists, orthodontists, or other professionals outside of school hours.


When younger children arrive late, it violates their sense of order: their sense of what is right and what is expected, of how things are supposed to be. For the older student, there is a sense of embarrassment and disorientation. In either case, arriving late gets the day off on the wrong foot. Late arrivals also disrupt the classroom community, the work of the other students, and the teacher. Out of respect for your own child, the classroom community, the other students, and the teachers, please help your child arrive at school on time.

At the Bissonnet Campus, if a student arrives at school after the arrival doors are locked, the driver must park and walk the student into the building.

We consider more than ten tardies for the year to be problematic. Teachers are expected to speak with parents directly about late arrivals. If there is no improvement, then teachers are expected to inform the administration when tardies are excessive.

At that point, the division director will contact the parent and together they will discuss how to manage more timely arrivals. In some extreme cases, tardies may affect the decision to offer a child a re-enrollment contract for the following school year. 


If your child is going to be absent, arrive late, or leave early, please email your child’s teacher or advisor by 8:30 a.m. with the reason of the absence, tardy, or early departure and copy the front office at (BC) or (MDC), or call 713-661-6688.

A student is counted present for the full day if they are at school for at least two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

If a student is present for two hours in the morning but not two hours in the afternoon, they are counted present for the morning only. If a student is present two hours in the afternoon but not two hours in the morning, they are counted present only for the afternoon.

Excessive Absences

Absences in excess of ten days are considered problematic for all students. Parents should expect to hear from their child’s teacher or advisor and the division director if absences are a concern. It is possible that excessive absences will result in a student not being able to complete the requirements of their current school year to pass to the next level. The school may withhold an offer of a contract for the following school year due to excessive absences.