Student Records & Transfer Records

Student records are maintained by the Admission Office and include progress reports, achievement test reports, as well as transcripts for High School students. All student records remain the property of The Post Oak School.

Transfer of Records

All requests for transfer of records and for teacher recommendation letters or forms must go through the Post Oak Admission Office; do not give any of this paperwork directly to the child’s teacher. Please inform the Admission Office at least one week prior to the date that recommendations and records are required. We will forward the end-of-year evaluations, results from standardized tests, and teacher recommendation letters or forms directly to the receiving school. Student accounts must be current and up to date.

In transferring to another school, timing must be considered. The Post Oak School will expect parents to honor the terms of existing enrollment contracts.

Upon receipt of any recommendation or record requests for another school, the child’s division director will contact the family to discuss their plans and concerns surrounding changing schools.