Practical Info

Dear Post Oak families, please use your My BackPack credentials for any password-protected pages.

Here’s How to...

Do you have a question but don’t know where to go? We want to help. Please call the front office at 713-661-6688 or email and we will help you find the answer.

Campus Front Office Hours

School offices are closed on national holidays, the week of Thanksgiving, and during the two weeks of winter break. Office hours may be modified when students are not in attendance.

Common Abbreviations

  • ASEP—After-School Enrichment Program
  • J-, M-, & A-Term—January, March, and April Term (short semester intensives)
  • BC—Bissonnet Campus
  • EL—Elementary
  • FD/HD—Full Day/ Half Day
  • LE—Lower Elementary
  • HMI—Houston Montessori Institute
  • HS—High School
  • IB—International Baccalaureate
  • MDC—Museum District Campus
  • MMUN—Montessori Model United Nations
  • MS—Middle School
  • OWL—Our Whole Lives
  • POPA—Post Oak Parents Association (you!)
  • PRI—Primary
  • UE—Upper Elementary
  • YCC—Young Children’s Community

Expanded-Year Contracts

Expanded-year contract days happen during the school year when classes are not in session, but school is not closed (e.g. spring break, conference days).

The following students are eligible to attend on expanded-year contract days: 

  • Students enrolled in the Before- and After-Care programs in their level (YCC, Primary, and Elementary). 

School will be closed for all other students; no drop-in space will be available on these days unless explicitly included in The Post, e.g., care for Primary and Elementary Post Oak children during in-person conference attendance at the Bissonnet Campus.

This Parent Portal/Family Handbook is not intended to create a contract. The school reserves the right to change at any time any of the policies described or privileges granted.