Before- & After-Care

Before-school and after-school care programs are offered at the following levels: Young Children’s Community, Primary, and Elementary.

Only students enrolled in The Post Oak School may participate in these programs. Before-school and after-school care programs are offered on days when school is in session, and on a number of expanded-year contract days when regular classes are not in session.

After-School Care Sign-Out

All children must be signed out from after-school care. Children with siblings in after-school care are signed out at the location of the youngest sibling. Elementary sign-out sheets will be at the front desk. This procedure is the parent’s responsibility; do not ask your child to do this for you. School employees are required to verify the identity of persons picking up a child from the after-school programs. Children must stay inside the building until they are released to their parent or a parent’s designee.

Certification of tuition and fees paid for dependent care programs

For parents requesting tax letters from the Business Office with details concerning tuition and fees paid for dependent care of their children, we will follow the guidelines outlined by the IRS. These guidelines state that qualifying expenses include all daycare until the child reaches kindergarten age. From kindergarten through eighth grade, qualifying expenses include before-care (7:00–8:15 a.m.) and after-care (3:45–6:00 p.m.) charges only. For these purposes, The Post Oak School will consider your child as kindergarten age if they turn five prior to September 1.