Student Government

There are opportunities available in the High School community for any student who is interested in serving the student body and the school.

Students in good standing are eligible to participate on the Community Council. Council members are chosen each fall or spring and serve a term of one year. The fall and spring cycles allow a staggered membership cycle ensuring that students serve for one full year and that the full council doesn’t turn over at the same time. The members are selected through a process of candidacy to ensure that the Council is representative of the student body. Council members are then confirmed by the faculty.

The student government represents the student body in creating the formal culture of the school through policies, rituals, and expectations. The members of the Community Council represent student concerns and ideas to the faculty and work to develop new student policy proposals to be submitted to the faculty and administration. They also report on their work to the wider community at regular community meetings. This work supports the entire school community and is a service to the school and students beyond the time that any one student serves in the council. The responsibilities that come with service in the student government are great, as are the rewards felt by formally working to improve the school community.